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We are one of the leading suppliers of raffle tickets in Europe, supplying branded books of tickets to many leading charities and hospices.

Our raffle tickets are sequentially numbered and perfed in two positions.

Any colour variation can be used up to four colour front and four colour reverse.

Litho or Digital print is available depending on quantity and cost requirements.

They can be personalised on each ticket with the supporter’s name and address.

Standard Sizes

  • 70mm x 160mm
  • 70mm x 200mm
  • 80mm x 203mm
  • 98mm x 120mm
  • 120mm x 160mm

Other sizes can be produced on request.

Books with covers can be produced digitally.

Books of raffle tickets are usually produced in five, six, ten or twelve tickets per book, however this can be in any multiple of tickets up to twenty per book.

We can also enclose these into mailing packs to send directly to your supporters.

If you would like to discuss options or how we can produce a raffle book or mail pack for you give us a call on 0191 514 4199 or email clientservices@edwardthompson.com



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